A temporary work platform that empowers locals

WorkBriefly connects local businesses and local workers, disrupting the current, archaic temporary work model that people have been complaining about for years. We make the entire process easy, more convenient, and more transparent, allowing local businesses and workers to thrive.

Our origin story

For many years we have let work control us and dictate our schedules and lives. We couldn’t believe that this was the “normal”, that we were meant to live a life controlled by that repetitive 9-5 awaiting the next paycheck. Who are we? We’re the people who are re-inventing the notion of work.

We’re the ones who believe in working briefly and getting paid quickly. We believe that you should be in control of work and not the other way round. That you should take charge and decide when and where you want to work and what work you want to do.

Gerardo Alvarado, CEO of WorkBriefly

“There are over 19 million people in North America doing contract work every day. We are the first Canadian platform that offers hassle free, contract free temporary workers.

WorkBriefly is a dynamic way to hire temporary contract workers on demand without sales people, onboarding costs, interviews or contracts.

New economy. New rules. New mindset”

Meet our team

We bring with us vast experience from sales and marketing to design and development. We’ve worked in corporations large and small and a couple of us even served in the military. We’re a mixed bag of individuals who love working together to bring you an innovative platform and giving you the opportunity to take control of the way you work.

Gerardo Alvarado

CEO, Co-Founder

Ricardo Seah

COO, Co-Founder

Kevin Hashimoto

CTO, Co-Founder

Chanel Huang

UX/UI Designer, Illustrator

Ivan Rickard Liow

UX/UI Designer

Mayu Imanaka

Front-end Engineer

Interested in learning more about WorkBriefly?

Send us a message if you’d like to learn more about us or just need a friend to talk to. We’d love to hear from you!